Faded Denim Cotton Pottery


#CottonPottery made from a blue batik fabric that gives the look of faded denim.  Super cute with a thread sketched white heart in the bottom of the bowl.  This bowl is finished off with a couple matching buttons.

Top Width – 7 1/2”
Height – 2 1/4″

A few ideas for use… hello pretty key basket (and now I won’t forget where I put them 😉).

Let it hold those “things”… those little things you just don’t know where else to put right now – thumb tack, keys, your rings when you’re washing the dishes, paperclips at your desk, lost Legos or whatever you pull out of your pocket today 😂. Chocolate for others… or for you.
Don’t be shy, it’s made to hold things and look pretty.

Cotton Pottery is made by wrapping cotton fabric around cotton cording and then sewn together using a zig-zag stitch. Totally washable. Don’t be afraid, throw it in the washer, reshape, and lay it out to dry.

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