Hi!  I’m Cindy!

I have been quilting for 25 years.  I made my first quilt when I was in high school but I don’t count that as the start of my quilting journey.  My quilting journey started when my Mom’s close friend, Kathleen, gifted my Mom a handmade scrappy log cabin quilt.  As soon as I saw that quilt I knew I needed to learn how to make one.  I called Kathleen, asked her all the questions, she shared with me the pattern she used from a magazine, and I dusted off my Moms old Kenmore sewing machine and took it home with me.  The log cabin quilt block is still my favorite quilt block to this day.

I started making baby quilts that I was able to hand tie or do simple quilting on.   When I made my first king size quilt – yes, it was a log cabin quilt, I knew I had to find a longarm quilter.  That is when I found my second love of quilting.  The magical, mystical, longarm quilting machine.  I was smitten over these longarm machines and I just couldn’t imagine my life without one someday.

I researched, priced, and dreamed.  I dreamed a lot about a longarm machine – about 17 years.  Then, one day I got a phone call.  Aunt Debbie asked me if I was interested in, or knew anyone who would be interested in, purchasing her sit down longarm machine.  A HandiQuilter Sweet 16.  I was jumping for joy.  This is the beginning, I thought.  I brought it home and immediately started quilting my own larger quilts.  I had that machine up until Aunt Debbie called me again and asked me if I was interested in, or knew anyone who would be interested in, purchasing her HandiQuilter Avante (her name is Ava) with Pro-Stitcher.  I hesitated for about 2.9 seconds before saying YES, I WANT IT!  So... here we are 🙂

Aside from quilting, I have dabbled in other crafts throughout my life.  I grew up with a very talented artist Mother who knows how to do everything and Grandmothers that were extremely crafty and also quilted.  My Dad is extremely "crafty" along the lines of carpentry - he can do it all.  I believe the two go hand-in-hand - carpentry and quilting.  My Dad is a quilter - I just haven't talked him into using fabric and sewing machine yet!

Outside of quilting, I love the outdoors.  Hiking, paddle boarding, hunting, kayaking, road trips, antiquing.  I’ll take the mountains over a beach all day long!

Now, let’s quilt 😀

I have had Ava for almost a year now and I love her more and more every day.  She likes to have a belly full of quilt so I try my best to make that happen for her.  Ava and I would love to quilt for you.  We love quilt tops that need to be finished – even if they have been sitting in your closet, your Grandmothers closet or Great Aunt Jane’s closet, for many years.  All quilts deserve to be finished.  Let’s make that happen!